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Tea and Cheese Tasting Set


New product

Gift Boxed

Contain one Cheese Tester Box set(6 cheeses  x ~100g)

Contain one Premium Tea Tester Box set(6 tees x 3 servings)

Tea Tester Set 1 by SHANTEO® is an incredible gift idea for tea lovers and cheese gourmands!

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SHANTEO® proudly presents a new product: Cheese Selection #1, which makes an unforgettable taste experience with a selection of SHANTEO Teas.
Tea, like wine, has a unique taste and aroma appearance. We create a selection of tea and cheese paired with the same patterns.
To have the best experience from tasting, we recommend serving tea at room temperature( 20 C) and
arranging all cheese and freshly brewed tea together that everything will be ready, that you could easily follow our taste guidance to discover the world of tea and cheese.

The set consists of six pairs of delicious cheeses and premium teas from SHANTEO Tea Boutique Selection.

The right pairs and further guidance is included in the set. Let's keep the intrigue will be kept until the last moment :)

Yunnan Golden Rain Premium Black Tea         Spanish Truffle Manchego Cheese

Silver Needle premium White tea                    Goat Saambal Cheese      

Ti Kuan Yin Premium Oolong Tea                     Dutch Le Petit Dorval Cheese

Sakartvelo OP Premium Black Tea                   Swiss Honey Clover Cheese

Darjeeling Steinthal DJ1 Premium Black TEa Goat Blue Cheese

TamarYokucha Premium Green TEa                  Old Dutch Excellence Cheese

                                                                                        (36 months old)

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