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Naive BBQ Spices Dark Chocolate 65%

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The Naive brand mission is to create unboring chocolate :)

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Spicy, savoury, smoky... 

It might sound like a perfect pork rib rub... and it is!

Disclaimer: no pigs were harmed while developing this tangy recipe.

We love pigs, period. 

However, this chocolate does go well with pork. 

Just break a piece, put it on the warm rib ^ let it melt f close your eyes, open your mouth...

Barbecue nirvana, right?

You can buy Naive chocolate at SHANTEO Tea Shop and online

Cacao Origin: UN choco origin SHANTEO Blend

Producer: Naive

Ingredients: speciality cacao*, cane sugar*, pure cacao butter*, black garlic (3%), chipotle pepper*(2%), yeast extract*, black pepper*(1%), vanilla*(1%),  sea salt* - *wild or all-natural farming! 

It may contain traces of tree nuts, peanuts, wheat. 

Cacao min. 65%. 

Keep it dry and cool.

Nutritional info (Per 100g): 

KJ: 2313; kCal: 551

Fat: 33.2 g

Saturated fat: 18 g

Carbohydrates: 51 g

Sugars: 34 g

Protein: 7 g

Salt: 285 mg.

Weight: 57 g/ 2 oz


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