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Tea Jay Iced Tea Maker


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The TEA-JAY Iced Tea Maker is perfectly designed and is simple in usage.

It means that you can quickly and easily prepare ice tea in accordance to your taste and the imagination.
Depending on the recipe, you can fill the glass carafe with ice, delicious fruits, fresh juice, water or syrup. The matt top has an integrated filter in which you can brew whichever flavour of tea you choose.

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SHANTEO® gives an opportunity to prepare perfect glass of the Iced Tea with the help of TEA-JAY Iced Tea Maker and SHANTEO® Iced Summer Tea Collection. This is The Coolest Way To Make Iced Tea: Your Way!

The TEA-JAY Iced Tea Maker combines the process of preparing tea with instant chilling in a highly-refined and aesthetic way.

Take the award-winning TEA-JAY Iced Tea Maker with you to the table and share the experience of converting juice, syrup, fruit and tea into a delicious iced tea with your guests!

After your tea has brewed, just twist the top of the filter to pour hot tea over the ingredients, which is then immediately cooled. You can use TEA-JAY Iced Tea Maker right in front of your guests at home, in the bar or office.

Enjoy preparing and tasting:)


tea-jay iced tea instruction 1

1. Remove the head of the TEA-JAY Iced Tea Maker by turning it anti-clockwise while holding onto the silicone ring.
2. Add your desired iced tea recipe ingredients such as syrups and fruit pieces up to one-third of the carafe. If necessary, press and mix the ingredients together gently with a pestle or long spoon.
3. Add ice cubes and chilled water (depending on your recipe) into the carafe up to two-thirds full.
4. Add the head back on and screw it into place by turning it clockwise.
5. Ensure the tea brewing reservoir is locked closed by turning the lid clockwise on the head.
6. Remove the lid from the head by lifting it up.
7. Add the tea into the closed brewing reservoir.
8. Pour boiling water into the closed brewing reservoir up to the maximum fill level marker

tea-jay iced tea instruction 2

9. Replace the lid back onto the head. Be careful as the head will now be very hot.
10. Let the tea brew for about 3-8 minutes or longer depending on the recipe or according to taste.
11. Turn the lid 180° anti-clockwise to begin the ‘on the rocks’ experience and unlock the brewing reservoir and release the brewed tea.
12. Re-lock the brewing reservoir by turning the lid 180° clockwise.
13. Swirl the TEA-JAY Iced Tea Maker in circular motions while holding onto the silicone ring, to let the beverage flow over the fruit and melt the ice cubes.
14. Pour your iced tea beverage into glasses through the head which will filter the fruit and ice cubes keeping them in the carafe.

Serve and enjoy!

Glass carafe volume: 800 ml

Dimensions: 9.4 x 30.4 cm

Designer: Flöz Design


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