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Infusion with Mellow Apple & Sweet Plum with a Hint of Cinnamon

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Deliciously sweet and fragrant plum, vivid rosehip peels, rich in vitamin C, sweet apple bits and warming cinnamon all come together as different tones in a musical suite, changing from delicately sour to mildly sweet, from intense spices to bold fruits. Suite fruit infusion by SHANTEO has a character of its own, worth discovering.

Country of Origin:  Blend

Caffeine Free

Ingredients:       apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, plum bits, rosehip peels, cornflower blossoms, cinnamon bits, flavouring

Dosage, Teaspoons per cup: 2

Brewing Temperature: 100 °C

Brewing time: 5-6 min

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