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Herbal Infusion of Refreshing Melissa and Delicate Mint

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When one thinks of relaxation, the first step is often to turn away from the page of troubling thoughts and move on to the next one, where the time can stop for a while for one to decide what should be written on that next page.  Now imagine - minty melissa, lemony verbena, cooling peppermint and calming raspberry leaves. You find yourself pouring hot water over that very same Serenity herbal infusion by SHANTEO you just dreamt about. As you are patiently waiting for your cup of tea to infuse, tantalising aroma starts spreading around and carries away your worries, bringing out your inner calmness. You start savouring your cup of Serenity and come to realise that now you are ready to decide what will be coming on that next page. Does that sound relaxing? Check for yourself with Serenity herbal infusion by SHANTEO.

Country of Origin:  Blend

Caffeine Free

Ingredients:        Lemon balm leaves, raspberry leaves, silver lime blossoms, lemon verbena leaves, peppermint leaves, rose petals blossoms, lavender blossoms

Dosage, Teaspoons per cup: 2

Brewing Temperature: 100 °C

Brewing time: 5-8 min

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