Pu Erh Spain

Aged Pu Erh with Orange Bits

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  • Lacquer Bag
  • Tin
  • 100g

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Country of Origin: CHINA
Ingredients: Pu Erh Tea, orange peels, natural flavouring, orange granulate
Dosage, Teaspoons per cup: 1
Brewing Temperature: 100°C
Brewing time: 4-5 min

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Malty notes of Pu Erh are transformed with a powerful aroma of zesty orange. Highly beneficial to detoxify the body (just in case you were browsing for something to get rid of a hangover - you are at the right place), the tea is also gentle on stomach. Pu Erh Spain might easily become you very own way to kick-start the day or relax in the evening.  

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