Pu Erh Von Bourbon

Pu Erh Von Bourbon

Earthy with Bourbon Vanilla 

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  • Lacquer Bag
  • Tin
  • 100g

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Country of Origin:CHINA
Ingredients:pu erh tea, flavouring, vanilla bits(1%)
Dosage, Teaspoons per cup:1
Brewing Temperature:100°C
Brewing time:4-5 min

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There are countless health benefits pertaining to Pu Erh. Really and truly, back from times of Ancient China they remain just the same for a proper authentic Pu Erh. At the same time, matter of taste is another topic of all ages. Imagine earthy pu erh with enticing bourbon vanilla from Madagascar? Pu Erh von Bourbon by SHANTEO: Grand tea with extraordinary flavour. And benefits too... 

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