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Refreshing with Fine Berries

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The taste of Matero by SHANTEO® is light, delicate and slightly astringent. It gives a refreshment in hot summer months and is perfect hot or cold!

Matero by SHANTEO® contains antioxidants that help to prevent oxidative stress and cell damage in the body. 

The dominant antioxidants in Matero are epigallocatechin-3-gallate (also known as EGCG) and chlorogenic acid - the powerful antioxidant in yerba mate and green coffee beans.

EGCG is known to provide the following health benefits:

  1. Improved cognitive function
  2. Slowed ageing
  3. Improved heart health
  4. Faster weight loss via increased thermogenesis and fat oxidation

The chlorogenic acid is tight with these benefits:

  1. Antibacterial properties
  2. Reduced blood pressure
  3. Reduced cholesterol
  4. Improved cognition and mental clarity
  5. Reduction in cancer cells
  6. Improved blood sugar balance

Enjoy the taste of Matero by SHANTEO® and enjoy summer 2020! 

Country of Origin: emarald dreams green tea infusion blend Blend

Caffeine level:    Medium

Ingredients:       Green tea, green coffee beans, GOJI BERRIES(contain SULPHUR DIOXIDE), green mate leaves, beetroot dices, white hibiscus,

açai dices (açai fruit, apple, apple juice concentrate, acidifier: citric acid, rice flour), flavour.

Dosage, Teaspoons per cup: 1

Brewing Temperature: 80 °C

Brewing time: 2-3 min


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