Emerald Treasure Organic by SHANTEO

Emerald Treasure Organic

Chinese green tea with lemon & ginger

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  • Lacquer Bag
  • Tin
  • 100g

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Country of Origin:CHINA
Presence of Caffeinegreen tea(87%), ginger(4%), natural lemon flavouring, orang peels, marigold blossoms
Dosage, Teaspoons per cup:1
Brewing Temperature:80°C
Brewing time:2-3 min
Organic TeaYes

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Chinese green tea, spiced up with ginger bits and orange peels, is an excellent source of vital anti-oxidants, known to help the body preserve its natural defence abilities and prolong youth. In ancient China tea has been treated as a medicine, not just a delicacy. Just as well, high-quality green tea is a true treasure, that can bring in excellent benefits in your daily diet. 'Emerald Treasure’ by SHANTEO is all yours to enjoy – natural, organic, pure, ready to give you an extra boost.

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