ReNEWing Body & Mind with DETOX Selection by SHANTEO



Designed to help with

- releasing the tension release & toxins removal

- promoting weight loss

- feeling great and looking good

We have chosen specialty teas for you for MORNING, DAY and EVENING that can help you to detox and feel better with natural and delicious SHANTEO teas.

We have provided you with the choice so that you can mix-and-match your favorite ones.

At the same time we have also prepared special sets to help you with the choice - follow to our special section by the link below to discover more! Please note that suggestions below are not medical advice and you should contact you general practitioner for any specialist advice.



specialty DETOX sets



To Release Toxins After  Night
To Kick-Start Body System
To Give Energy
To Stimulate Fat-Burning


To start your morning we suggest first taking a glass of warm water on empty stomach. As your first drink in the morning to cleanse the body from toxins accumulated after the night we suggest either any of the PU ERH’s or Detox. You can choose any Pu Erh from the selection available, as any would be gentle to your stomach and possesses strong de-toxing properties.  DETOX blend contains many precious herbs and green tea, that will do what it is named after and will give you kick-start of the energy right-away.


To Release Constant Energy Supply
To Keep-Up Process of Toxins Removal
To Improve Metabolism Before, In-Between and After Meals


For the day we recommend your favourite tea from either OOLONG’s or GREEN TEA’s.  Both help to release inner energy and to promote metabolism. Please note that after your meal it s not recommended to drink tea for at least 30 minutes. In case if you are sensitive to caffeine, we suggest to stop taking green tea or oolong after 4 or 5 pm. You may also find it useful to have a nice brewing device for your teas since many of the green teas and oolongs can be brewed a number of times using the same leaves, so the value of the tea is definitely there. Pay extra attention to the serving size and brewing time - over-doing is not going to make tea taste better, but can actually destroy the taste and benefits.


To Facilitate Removal of Excess Water From The Body
To Promote Relaxation
To Enjoy


We trust that there is definitely nothing more inspirational, than a cup of delicious herbal or floral infusion in the evening time - once you get cosy and let all worries fly away, so that you meditate on what is important for you. Feel free to choose any of the many infusions we have - above are just a few suggestions we particularly love.