Beauty of Love

Delicate Rose and Sweet Strawberry

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  • Lacquer Bag
  • Tin
  • 100g
  • 250g


Country of Origin: Blend
Caffeine Free Yes
Ingredients: Apple bits, honeybush tea, hibiscus blossoms, currants & sultanas with anti-caking agent: vegetable oil, orange peels, blackberry leaves, rose hip peels, strawberry slices, rose blossom leaves, rose buds
Dosage, Teaspoons per cup: 2
Brewing Temperature: 100°C
Brewing time: 5-8 min

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Uniquely complex and at the same time so simple, full of warmth and seeming to be so lightweight, to even give you feeling of having a pair of wings – that is the phenomenon of love you might have gotten to know.

Now, think about mellow apple, fragrant rose, sweet strawberry and sultanas, along with mildly sour rosehip – how could this combination not remind you of the hugely powerful, yet so delicate and beautiful feeling?

We strongly recommend fruit infusion Beauty of Love to those, who enjoy aroma of roses, and wishing to impresses. 

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