discover_shanteo_teaAt SHANTEO® we select finest teas of an utmost quality and to deliver to you the pleasure of the ancient tradition and its modern development. First of all, authentic teas can only come from plantations, following established practices and traditions. Secondly, certification in EU laboratories is required to ensure the safety of the product and correspondence of its ingredients to established norms. We are proud to have a supplier that is a member of Ethical Tea Partnership and in possession of ISO and Organic range certification.

Appreciating the value of the tea, its history, distinctiveness and proper preparation technique allows discovering the true taste of the chosen treasure. When visiting our SHANTEO ® Tea Boutique at Hilton Malta you can enjoy an opportunity to speak to us in person and hear it all about teas yourself, as well as try them before choosing your favourite ones. At the same time, when browsing online we trust there should be user-friendly and yet informative section based on knowledge of tea for you to make the right choice. Currently, we are working on such section and will gladly inform you when it is ready for you to explore.

The beauty of tea opens up like a flower - step by step, you learn and discover more specialities of the drink, and we truly enjoy opening the world of teas to you and there is no greater reward than seeing you smile from enjoying a cup of our tea or choosing a gift for somebody special. True beauty can only be made with love, and that is what SHANTEO® commits to. Every step that we took, every tea that we selected, every name that we gave to infusions – we have been blessed with inspiration, and we love to bring the result to you. Wishing you great discoveries in the world of teas and looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

Sincerely, SHANTEO® Tea


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